It is a big question that comes up with the wedding preparation. Who do you want to give the sacred mission of the wedding pictures? Professional wedding photographer or non-professional?

Technical and creative qualities of a wedding photographer

Unposed photo shoot enables a finish as authentic as possible and is a technique that is perfectly suited for weddings. Pictures are spontaneous. Catching emotions live and bodies in movement under a changing light. A professional wedding photographer has the technical knowledge and the creative capacity to make the best photos under every circumstances. The goal is to capture the emotion and to highlight it naturally. He also knows how to reassure the bride and groom. To put them at ease in front of the camera so that they always appear relaxed and natural. This is how a wedding photographer ensures you have great photos in the end. On the most important moment of the ceremony, he is very discreet, almost invisible. He catches the intensity of the instant without imposing. Yet he is always very alert and always keeps an eye on the couple and guests to capture the unique or improvised event and the atmosphere of the day. After the D day, the photographer proceeds to a strict selection of the pictures and a rigorous post-production work that takes several days. This is when he applies his artistic touch to enhance the emotions of the day. If you like the style of a photographer who lives far away from you or from the wedding venue, you can still ask him to cover your wedding despite the distance. Most professional wedding photographers will travel easily in France and abroad.

photographe professionnel lors des préparatifs d'un mariage sur Paris avec les demoiselle d'honneur en plein été au château de Vallery
photographe professionnel de mariage lors des préparatifs avec beaucoup d'émotions sur un mariage a Sanguinet dans les Landes


Availability and a taste for human contact

A good photographer demonstrates empathy and will easily mix in the crowd and with your guests. Living the event from the inside. This is how he will best capture natural and authentic images, from live. He knows how to become transparent but always present. He is capable to improvise a spontaneous situation that will enhance your wedding photo reportage.

A wedding photographer takes time to meet with you long before the D day in order to get to know you. He likes to learn a lot about your story, where you first met, your first kiss, your tastes,…  He needs to know you and immerse himself in your story to realize unique wedding photos tailored to your couple. Through his images, it is a little bit of your soul that he will immortalize. It is also the occasion to determine together your needs. Do you want to have pictures and souvenirs of your clothing, couple photo shoot, first look?…

photographe professionnel de mariage en Provence sur la cote d'Azur dans le sud Est de la France au domaine de Peyrassol a Flassans sur Issole
photographe professionnel de mariage a la commanderie de Peyrassol en Provence sur la côte d'Azur dans le sud est de la France


Why not choose a non-professional wedding photographer?

Someone who knows how to use a camera properly is not necessarily a good wedding photographer. It is preferable to avoid leaving this heavy task to a friend or a relative. Even if he makes great portrait or landscape photos. Covering a wedding as a photographer is physically and mentally tough. You should never forget anything, always know how to face the unexpected and stay focus the entire day to cover the wedding. Beautiful wedding photos take practice and experience. A qualified wedding photographer has photographed many weddings. Take the time to look at his photo gallery, appreciate the quality and number of ceremonies presented online. Read his clients opinions and meet with the professional to ensure his approach of wedding photography suits you and you like his personality.

photographe de mariage professionnel Lors d'une séance couple au bord du Bassin d'Arcachon à Lanton en Gironde
photographe professionnel de mariage en gironde lors d'une séance photos engagement dans les vignes à Saint Emilion en gironde
photographe professionnel de mariage au château de la ligne a ligna de Bordeaux en gironde dans le sud ouest de la France


A Good wedding photographer captures the instant of emotion

He knows how to fade into the background to let the couple’s spontaneity truly express itself. He also never misses anything during this special day. Choose a photographer which personality you like. He will know how to put you at ease and help you evacuate the stress. You will truly enjoy your day and get unique and natural photos. A wedding may be very simple, with a professional photographer the pictures will be remarkable. He guarantees beautiful photos, professional and recent cameras, professionalism, a real capacity for adaptation and improvisation, advice and experience in wedding photography. After all, this day will only happen once. Your wedding photos will be your memories. Helping you remember all the instants of emotion of the day and maybe shared someday with your children and grandchildren.

For more information or to organize a meeting, please contact me, I will be happy to answer you.

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